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How to buy or to place an order?
To buy products from our store, you have at your disposal multiple ordering methods: order on the site, telephone order or directly order at our headquarters.
The minimum order is 50 RON.

Order on site.
To place orders through the online store, you must register, using valid identification data. The store uses a "virtual" shopping cart where you can add products using the "Add to Cart" button. You can find this button next to each product on the product list or on the product details page.
After you have added a product to the cart, the page that presents the contents of the shopping cart will open. At this point you can either go back to the previous page using the Continue Shopping button or send the order using the "Finish order" button.
When you decide to send the order, in the Place the order screen choose the type of buyer (natural or legal person), the billing and delivery addresses, and the payment and delivery methods; you can add data about your company or other addresses using My Account. If you have any other comments regarding the order, you can write them in the "Add comments about your order" section. After you have checked the options you want, click on the "Confirm order" button.
After sending the order online, you will be contacted as soon as possible by a representative of S.C. Coneltex S.R.L. to confirm your order Please wait for our confirmation before making the payment, to prevent any inconsistencies in the stock of products displayed on the site and the real one.
Telephone order
For telephone orders, call the telephone number below:
Mobile: 0735 194 314
Order at our headquarters
You can place an order at our headquarters, where you will be guided by our specialists in choosing the right products for your needs.
Str. Grigore Alexandru Ghica no. 18, 720089, SUCEAVA

Payment of products

We offer several payment methods:

  • Payment in cash at our headquarters.
  • Payment by card
  • Payment by payment order
  • Payment on cash delivery for individuals and companies.
  • Payment by cash delivery (Refund) for individuals and companies through Romanian Post or other courier companies.

 Payment on delivery is made in cash, in lei, at the value from the moment of the telephone confirmation of the order, to the commissioner who makes the delivery.
 To pay by bank transfer or deposit into the account you need the following data:

S.C. Coneltex S.R.L.
CONT : RO56 BACX 0000 0013 0515 4000
C.I.F : RO4438837
Delivery of products

The products will be delivered and paid using the method of your choice when placing the order. The products are in the original packaging of the manufacturer and are completely new.
Delivery will be as follows:
The usual delivery time of the products purchased from our site is between 1 and 3 working days from the moment of registering and confirming the order.
In special conditions SC Coneltex SRL Suceava assumes the right to increase the delivery time by notifying the customer about it. In case you cannot be contacted at the date and time set for delivery, we will keep the goods ordered for three working days, during which time we will try to contact you again to finalize the delivery. If you cannot be contacted during this time, the order will be canceled.


The stocks of the products are updated on the site at the beginning of the week, but there may be discrepancies between the actual stock and the one displayed on the site, especially towards the end of the week. Thus, SC Coneltex S.R.L. Suceava cannot guarantee the availability in stock of all the products displayed.
We reserve the right not to honor a certain order if that product disappears from the current offer, is not in stock, is no longer manufactured or for any other reason.
In case the products cannot be delivered, the customer can request the immediate return of the amounts already received by SC Coneltex S.R.L. but no other damages. The maximum value of the obligations of the company SC Coneltex S.R.L. compared to any customer in case of non-delivery or inadequate delivery is the value of the amounts collected by the company from this client.